Brian Shube Consulting Inc






" Brian Shube Consulting Inc. (BSC) is a specialized consulting firm focused on supporting companies in the food industry. 

 We offer our clients expertise in all aspects of food safety, distribution, logistics and global trade. 

BSC provides an unmatched level of personal attention, experience and support to every client.

Understanding that each business is unique, we take the time to understand individual needs, objectives and challenges.

Our solutions are custom and robust to guide our clients through the complexities of trade and integrate global initiatives into existing domestic operations.

Businesses considering global trade will gain keen insight on all the many considerations, along with meaningful guidance and best practices for going forward in the short and long term.

For clients with existing trade operations, our team provides an invaluable outside perspective – satisfying questions like how to increase efficiencies, how to reduce costs and opportunities to expand partnerships.

With a global network of partners, BSC assists in a multitude of key areas, including finding the right logistics provider, researching operations and sourcing partners, or obtaining needed funding.

See how our global trade consulting services can assist you with scaling your business.

We make sense of complex regulations, eliminate trade obstacles and develop new opportunities for growth and revenue. "


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