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“The ICON Vision: We will revolutionize the trench shoring and guided auger boring industry by achieving new benchmarks of quality that exceed current industry standards through creativity, teamwork, and partnerships.

History: In 1980, Brian Crandall managed a heavy highway construction company that installed water and sewer lines in New York City. They used conventional shoring methods that resulted in high costs of labor and time. Searching for alternatives, Brian visited projects in Germany and discovered a German shoring system called “Slide Rails”. The new system reduced total shoring costs by 40% over conventional sheeting for water and sewer lines, and it was obvious that there were many more applications for this equipment.

Seeing this opportunity, Brian incorporated ICON Equipment Distributors in 1982 to provide shoring services to the contracting industry. As an innovator for the industry, ICON was the first shoring distributor to receive engineering approval for the slide rail system from the City of New York, the NY/NJ Port Authority and dozens of Transportation Departments throughout the United States. From the start, ICON developed a reputation as a company that provided safe shoring solutions for both small and large construction projects. Even some of the most difficult excavations could be completed with ease due to the modularity of the system.

ICON tackled their first international project in 1988, working with Harbert/Jones. The project was a $100 million dollar sewer project involving 90,000 linear feet, 32′ deep in Cairo, Egypt. The ICON team designed and supplied a trenching system, supplied site-specific engineering, and employees trained in equipment use at the project site in Egypt. The system was such a success that the project was completed well ahead of schedule.

The 1990’s brought growth to the organization with the opening of branch offices in several East Coast cities. Major projects were undertaken for the reconstruction of the Westside Highway in New York City.  Systems were also designed and supplied for Washington Group International in Aswan, Egypt for the construction of water mains and sewers.  Many other major projects were completed in New York, Chicago, Dallas, Orlando, Atlanta, Cleveland, Boston, Washington DC, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Tulsa, Pittsburgh, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.

Over the years, ICON has built a solid team that works with its customers to supply the best, safest and most cost-effective solution for their projects.  Each of our employees is the best trained in our industry and is focused on customer service that is reliable.  He or she provides solutions to customer problems based upon the experience of tens of thousands of projects all over the country and internationally.  We view ourselves as consultants that design, manufacture and sell the world’s best excavation shoring systems.

ICON has been designing and manufacturing their slide rail systems and ICON-O-Lite aluminum trench boxes at their 58,000 square foot headquarters located in East Brunswick, NJ since 1996.  By manufacturing these products in-house, ICON is able to have hands on quality control and can quickly adapt to customer needs.  This manufacturing facility also gives ICON the edge over their competition as they can build custom pieces for specific projects.


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