Liquid Capital Express Financing


Liquid Capital Express is a non-bank financing company that helps exporters and importers afford opportunities with easy to obtain financing that’s quick and safe. We have a global credit insurance policy that allows us to provide financing of invoices in most countries around the world, which is included with our financial services.  We are a trustworthy, professional, New Jersey based international commercial financing company.

Liquid Capital has been in trade financing since 1999, funding over $3 billion and has more than 85 offices throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, Hong Kong, China, and Australia. We offer a broad range of trade financing options – one stop shop for our clients financing needs. 

We have the breadth of experience, the product depth, the reach, and the capital to meet the needs of our customers, businesses and partners. 

Export Financing Options:

International Accounts Receivable (A/R) Factoring – Purchase global invoices and fund about 80% to 85% of the value.  The remaining amount is held in reserves until payment is made.

Asset Based Lending – Lend against global invoices, inventory, machinery and equipment.

Import Financing Options:

Purchase Order Financing – Offer letter of credit to international or domestic vendor to manufacture goods or buy goods from a wholesaler to meet terms of a customer’s purchase order.

Purchase Finance / Trade Credit Finance– Works like a revolving credit line – we make the payment to suppliers for goods ordered, such as inventory. No customer purchase order is necessary. Then, typically provides 60 to 90 day terms to repay the purchase obligation, which allows time to make revenue on the transaction. 


• High approval rates as fast as 1-3 days

• Immediate cash flow improvement

• No credit score, less than optimal credit OK for most programs

• No hidden fees, no termination fees

• Short term and no term contracts

• Save time and resources - credit and collections included

• Full transparency, online reporting 24/7

• Best-in-class customer service

Whether you want to sell to larger accounts, offer payment terms, take advantage of supplier discounts, launch a new product, expand, restructure, manage seasonal demand or simply need cash to manage, we have a financing solution for you. And you don't have to give up equity in your business. It's quick, stress-free and affordable. 


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