Bederson LLP

Specializing in Accounting/Consulting (Active)

Company Name: Bederson LLP
Phone: 973-530-9113
Contact Email: sbortnick@bederson.com
Contact Name: Steven Bortnick CPA
Website: www.bederson.com


Bederson LLP is a certified public accounting and business advisory firm with offices in Fairfield and West Orange, New Jersey. Established in Newark 1937.

  • Partners with first-hand experience with their family-owned construction materials manufacturing/distribution business 
  • Tax (domestic and international- including tax implications arising from geographic expansion), compliance and planning, including experience with IC-Disc’s
  • Close working relationships with clients regarding inventory control, regulatory compliance issues, liquidity, labor, infrastructure, and other operational cost analysis
  • Budgeting, Cash Flow, Cost Segregation, Inventory Control, Revenue Acceleration
  • Succession Planning, Turnaround Consulting, Quickbooks Consulting and Training
  • Accounting, Audit and related business advisory 

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