Sobel and Company

Specializing in Accounting/Consulting (Active)

Company Name: Sobel and Company
Phone: 973-994-9494
Contact Email: sally.glick@sobel-cpa.com
Contact Name: Sally Glick
Website: www.sobel-cpa.com

Sobel & Co. is a regional certified public accounting and business advisory firm serving the middle market, family owned manufacturer.

* Established in 1956 with numerous specialized services relevant to the needs, issues, challenges and opportunities of the business community.

* Budgeting and cash flow projections.

* Business performance management.

* Cost segregation studies.

* International business and tax planning.

* Inventory control.

* Productivity and process improvement consulting.

* R&D credits.

* Revenue acceleration.

* Succession planning.

* Supply chain management.


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