WorldWide Glass Resources, Inc.

Specializing in Laboratory Glass/ Medical Equipment and Supplies Manufacturing (Active)

Company Name: WorldWide Glass Resources, Inc.
Phone: 856-205-1508
Contact Email: Crawfordj03@wwgrinc.com
Contact Name: Jim Crawford
Website: www.wwglassresource.com

Worldwide Glass Resources, Inc is a premier solution provider of engineering and technical expertise.

* Design and production of laboratory vials and accesories for the following industries>

* Pharmaceutical R&D, Environmental, Petrol-Chemical, Food and Fragrance, Biotech, Forensic, Government and University markets.

* Products meet or exceed OEM standards and sold globally via extensive network of distributors in six continents.

* Veteran team of experts in laboratory research, production and superior customer service.

* Snapshot of some of our products>

* Chromatography Vials, Sample Vials, Headspace Vials, Limited Volume Inserts, High Recovery and Compound Storge Library Vials, Lined Aluminun Seals and Screw Thread Clousures and Glass Limited Volume Inserts.


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