Mistras Group, Inc.

Specializing in Engineering and Consulting (Active)

Company Name: Mistras Group, Inc.
Phone: 609-716-4000
Contact Email: sales@mistrasgroup.com
Contact Name: General Sales
Website: www.mistrasgroup.com

"ONE SOURCE" Global provider of Technology-Enabled Asset Protection Solutions.

* Evaluate structural integrity of critical energy.

*Industrial and Public Infrastructure.

* Mission critical services delivered globally and provide asset life extension.

* Improved productivity and profitability.

* Compliance with government safety and environmental regulations.

* Enhanced risk management operational decisions.

* Unique combination of industry-leading products and technologies plus 24/7 on-line monitoring of critical assests.

* Mechanical Integrity (MI) Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) Destructive Testing (DT)

* Process and Fixed Asset Engineering and Consulting.

* World Class Enterprise Inspection Data.

* Management and Analysis Software (PCMS) provides comprehensive and competitive products, systems and solutions from a single source provider.


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