Nationwide Industrial Supply

Specializing in Industrial Supply and Warehouse Equipment (Active)

Company Name: Nationwide Industrial Supply
Phone: 800-757-1064
Contact Email: sales@nisproducts.com
Contact Name: Brian Schmitt
Website: www.nisproducts.com

Nationwide Industrial Supply is a trusted partner and global distributor of industrial equipment and supplies including: storage equipment, safety supplies, cleaning supplies, warehouse equipment, Tools, welding supplies and business essentials such as office supplies and office furniture…and more.

Institutions and Industries Served
Government agencies, education facilities, international markets and the full spectrum commercial industries and institutions.

Our mission
To help our customers keep their supply costs down by providing quality products at competitive prices with exceptional service. 

We are a Supplier of Choice
• World-class brands with more than 500,000 quality products 
• Over 100 distribution locations in the U.S. 
• Custom manufacturing services 

Quality Products 
• Storage Cabinets & Flammable Safety Cabinets 
• 55 Gallon Drum Lifts, and Rotators
• Containers and Bins
• Dump Hoppers 
• Lockers 
• Pallet racks 
• Shelving 
• Wire Shelving 
• Galvanized Shelving 
• Workbenches 
• Warehouse equipment 
• Platform trucks 
• Utility carts 
• Loading-doc equipment 
• Safety equipment 
• Cleaning supplies 
• Fasteners and fittings 
• Air Compressors 
• Hand tools and power tools 
• Office Supplies and office Furniture 
• Welding Equipment and supplies
• Cranes
• Hoists
• Scissor Lift Tables
• Ladders
• Pallet Jacks
• Conveyors
• Stainless Steel tables
• Chairs
• Hand Trucks

Competitive Prices 
We know that fluctuations in the economy and competitive markets have an impact on the bottom line. That’s why we are committed to keeping costs low…on every order! 

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