US Green Battery INC

Specializing in Renewable Energy (Active)

Company Name: US Green Battery INC
Phone: 1-347-723-5963
Contact Email: ctsmetro@comcast.net
Contact Name: Falguni Trivedi
Website: www.usgreenbattery.com

US Green Battery INC


* Manufacturer of lithium-ion battery packs as primary or backup power.

* On and off grid applications.

* Modular design allows battery packs to start as small 1kWh for portable and mobile applications.

* Can be expanded to thousands of kilowatt-hours.

* USGB provides customized power solutions for every size project.

* USGB also supplies Solar Panels, Inverters, Charge Controllers.

* And fully customized Renewable Energy Kits specific to your project.


We are proud to serve the global market from our headquarters in New Jersey.

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